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    Will and Vivian Stoppel were members of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite, for almost 17 years, having joined in 1986 at Glenn, California as 30-year-old parents of three children. Throughout those years, the Stoppels were in good standing with CGCM, being known throughout the conference for their several books strongly supporting its doctrines.

   In researching the Scriptures and church history to support  another  book sanctioned by Gospel Publishers to prove that CGCM is the "one true church," they discovered the falsehood of that claim. This caused them heartsick distress, but there was no option but to choose the truth of God's Word over the comforts and friendships in the lifestyle  they had enjoyed.

    In July 2002 they sent a small pamphlet to over 2000 members of CGCM, asking for scriptural backing to the one true church claim.  Receiving many letters accusing them of being deceived, they of course received no scriptural support for this central icon doctrine. They asked the New Plymouth, Idaho, congregation to remove their names from church membership in September, 2002.

   Since that time, they have done more research on the similarities of all "one true church" cults. They have written and published on this website several other small booklets to help those who also realize the claims and authoritatively enforced legalism of CGCM are unscriptural, but who fear losing their family members through the shunning. Over 10,000 of these various booklets have been sent upon request, and the mission outreach website continues to have high numbers of visitors, indicating the numbers of those who seek answers about the CGCM.

In response to the website, and in response to a profile published and distributed by Watchman Fellowship, other Christian churches have also expressed interest in praying for and reaching out to the Holdeman people with the genuine gospel of salvation by faith through grace alone and godly liberty in Christ. 

 As part of that godly liberty,  Will and Vivian  no longer wear distinctive clothing as the Pharisees did, but follow the example of Jesus' who dressed like the respectable neighbors around Him. Will wears a beard by preference, not conviction, and Vivian wears the biblical headcovering: "Her long hair is given her instead of a cloth veil" (literal Greek of 1 Cor. 11:15), (Hers is very long by preference, though she believes any length considered  long on a man would be sufficiently long hair on a woman.)

 Will and Vivian believe that as Christians, they are a part of the body of Christ, the church, and as such are members of every true Christian fellowship.  They very happily worship regularly at a local neighborhood Christian church in their small farming community in Idaho.

The Stoppels continue to pray for their beloved Holdemans. 



For Members

Love letter to the Holdemans:



Why We Left

Who is My Brother in Christ

An Unbroken Lineage of Unchanged Faith?

Holdemans Calling Their Forefathers' Doctrines Blasphemous

The Forefathers Calling Doctrine Held by the Holdemans Heresy

Public Apology

Why So Many Doubts and Fears?

What Must I Do to be Saved?




Whether it be of God and No Proselytes in Zion--a Re-examination:  (this is the original pamphlet sent to 2,000 members of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite)



 Scare Tactics


Answers to Myths, Fears, and Misapplied Scriptures


About the Authors

For Non-members

Origin of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

What does the Church of
God in Christ, Mennonite,
really teach?

Holdemanism VS Anabaptism

Comparing the
"One True" churches

Quotes from Ex-Members

Witnessing to Holdemans

For Ex-Members

Scare Tactics


Answers to Myths, Fears, and Misapplied Scriptures

Breaking the Chains

The Sin of Obeying Legalism

Finding the New Testament Church

Should Christians Dress Plain or Should They Follow Christ's Example Who Dressed "Just Like the World"?

Quotes from Ex-Members

Links to Other Sites on Cult Recovery

Audio Testimonies

Our Spiritual Journey to Jesus by Leona Nichols

Coming Out of Deception and Spiritual Bondage by Weldon Koehn

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